cathedral-smallGreetings, friends and spirits, many new things are in the future present.

Firstly, YULE MMXVI is in one short week of lengthening nights. For those uninitiated, seek out cascadianyule.com for information. Our aesthetic essence is in this liminal moment, and many of our own manifestations will be on exhibit along with creations by our most dear family.

Secondly, we now have copies of the second Ekstasis CD, “The Adversary”, in our artifacts section, along with a few other new additions. An LP edition of this Work is in process.

Thirdly, Ekstasis will be composing and performing a new album in the coming year.

Fourthly, work is being completed on the Eigenlicht full-length album, and we hope for its unveiling midway through MMXVII.

Elemental Memories,


A warm welcome for the returned King, at the the height of the year.

There are a few things in the works for this time of extremes. Though the nights are short now, the winter soon approaches. Be prepared, whilst remembering the glory of the Sun, in the new “Avifauna” long-sleeve shirt. Golden Circle on the front, bindrune on the back, “Fauna” and “Avifauna” on either sleeve. $20. Sizes small to extra extra large. Visit the Artifacts page for ordering information.Avifauna shirt front Avifauna shirt back

In other news, the details for the forthcoming Fauna recording, “Monolith”, are being hammered out. Darkest ambient recorded live in the Satsop nuclear cooling tower, 2009. Coming soon on vinyl and CD.


After ages of eclipse, a new light waxes.

Welcome to the outer orbit of the world of Oneiria.

A digital labyrinth exploring and offering entrance to the realms stewarded by:






Much time has passed since our humble beginnings.

We cautiously inhabit the surreality.

May our voices be no less fierce in translation.

Physical Artifacts available here: