Eigenlicht melds mythos and metal into a chaotic and powerful offering to the auditory senses. Sometimes symphonic, sometimes brutal, always driving, dissonant and disorienting, the compositions range from psychedelic dream to blazing abyss.

Eigenlicht shines forth from the verdant and majestic land of Cascadia which sustains and inspires. The mountains and forests of this land are beautiful and misty, but they are also stark and terrifying, and the music has all elements in equal measure.

“Sacral Regicide” was self-released on tape in 2015. A two song EP, centered around themes of royalty being sacrificed for the continuation of cosmic order. The initial print run of 100 – block-printed and folded by hand – immediately sold, and a second run of professionally printed cassettes is now available.

“Self-Annhilating Consciousness” is a forthcoming album exploring a gnosis that shatters limited conceptions of self. The work is split into four tracks probing different levels of this beyond-knowing. A hymn to the ancient goddess of wisdom; a journey to the inside of the psychic labyrinth; an exploration of the tautological tension between deity and its opposite; and an invocation of animal metamorphosis; all leading us beyond the confines of human thought and into realms of bestial and divine dis/order. This album has been recorded and is in the final stages of preparation for release in early 2017.