Born from restless dreaming, Ekstasis is a psychedelic folk ensemble channeling all the layers and textures of feeling through an acoustic lens. Sometimes somber, sometimes joyful. Ecstatic folk for inner and outer exploration.

“The Book of Longing”, the debut album, was released by Oneiria in 2015. It is an album in book form, comprising seven songs that serenade the senses with both joyful and mournful yearning, a hollowness that encircles its own truth. It is available on LP and CD here: Oneiria Artifacts

“The Adversary”, the second album from Ekstasis, is a collection of hymns to the things in life that challenge, encourage growth, and urge us upward. It was released in June of 2016, and is available on CD from Pest Productions. A vinyl version is being considered.




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